My greatest inspiration …

You are my greatest inspiration.

Every morning when I wake up, I think about you.

Wherever I go, I feel like you are there with me.

By your side, I am fully protected and totally relaxed.

Next to you, I can be myself without bothering about some stupid stuffs.

When I hear your laugh, I am in utter bliss.

I could do anything to make you happy and proud.

I love you, my beloved family!

Dedicated to my mom, my dad and my sissies!

From a terrible me with love …

(I am sorry for what I have done today. I am totally hurt and upset.)

Too many boys, too little time … (??!!!)

Sound wired, isn’t it?

Actually it’s a motto printed in my friend’s T’shirt which strongly impressed me. Kidda funny, of course. I don’t know why this motto just popped up in my mind. Maybe it’s pretty suitable to describe my situation right now.

But it’s not about boys that I’m confused about. It’s about my plans, my ambitions. I’m just overwhelm in that loads of things. There are so many things that I need or want to do. And what worsen the situation is my shaking faith and my laziness. First of all, I think I’ve wasted so much time in the last two years. A lot of my friends have achieved something during this time. Some master another language. Some get an English certificate. Some win scholarship to study abroad. Some gain new knowledge and experience through social activities or journeys. As for me, just one word: I suck! Besides, I think I am too ambitious. I have so huge plans. I want to do too many things which are somehow out of my reach. And above all, I’m lazy. I’m terribly, indescribably, unacceptably lazy!!! 

I think I have to slow down a little bit to make the right choice and to arrange a scientific and efficient timetable. I don’t think that ambition is too bad for a person like me. Therefore, I will stick to what I’ve made up my mind not long ago.

Anyway, I still have good health, a happy family and some good friends.

And after some meditation, I think it doesn’t matter how much time you have, it’s the way you use your time that counts!

Take a deep breath girl, take a deep breath and you walk through the door!

Every great journey starts with a small step …

Everyone of us have something we plan to do in our life. It is so simple to sit in one place and think about what you can achieve as well as who you want to be. But it is just the end of the road that we all can see clearly and can be strongly motivated by. The process leading to it which may be full of difficulty and may require us to be extremely patient is not a simple thing that we can figure out merely based on imagination.

A lot of people choose one certain field to express themselves. They all keep in their mind the glory of success they may achieve, therefore, they all start with full energy and enthusiasm. However, what you plan in your head or on a piece of paper is quite different from the reality. The first day, you meet the first difficulty … The second day, there appear some more new complicated things to deal with … The third day, maybe everything is not as simple as you first supposed it to be … The fourth day, you feel totally dissappointed … The fifth day, you think it is hopeless … The sixth day, you give it up! Not all of us have a strong-enough desire as well as the firm patience to keep on moving till the end.

My father always tell me every target need a process to fulfill. That means when you intend to do something, for example learning French, you should try not to spend most of your time to dream about how awesome you will appear to others once you become a master of French. Think about HOW can you get there. Don’t daydream about mastering French just in a couple of weeks. Don’t let the glory of the future-may-be success blind you and seperate you from the reality. A lot of people have so great expectation that they start with all they have, but they cannot maintain their effort equally through a long road. Those are the one who are easy to be disappointed and all of them give up quite soon. You should have a long-term strategy, you should do it day by day with an unchanged effort. Keep in your mind that every great journey starts with a small step and Rome was not built in one day!

One more thing that most of us have to face in the pursuit of success is the distraction. When you start to do something, try to focus 100 percent on it. Don’t study French today and think that Chinese is more useful tomorrow. And most of all, don’t compare yourself to others. Some people waste a lot of time worrying about how stupid and how uncool they are comparing to somebody else. When they intend to study French, they think about some of their friends who are already very good at it. And whenever they have to face some difficulties, they tell themselves that no matter how hard they try, they cannot be as good as their friends or they will never catch up with them just like the race between Asin and the tortoise. Try to keep a cold head, try to set your emotion aside. This is your life, this is your decision, therefore, you are responsible for this and nobody have anything to do with it. Moreover, you are a unique human-being in the whole universe. It is pointless to compare yourself to others.

I have a plan at the moment, that is why I want to name all the possible mistakes that I may make in the process to fulfill it. Today will be my very first day in achieving it.

Wish me luck! ^^

A terrible me …

Looking at me, I think your first impression will be: “Oh, she is so dull and silent!”. The truth is I always feel like I don’t belong to the crowd, to the people around me, no matter how nice they are.

I know currently there is a popular trend among the teenager in which they try to pretend to be blue, to be separated from others. But I am not trying to appear like that. This stupid trend means nothing to me. Everyday I tell myself to relax in a crowd, to behave naturally in front of others, to laugh at something funny and to think the way they often think. However, I still fail all the time. I sometimes try too hard to appear like a humorous one, but this effort results in some terrible sort of things in which I look like a fool.

I love to be so natural and so humorous like some of my friends. I love to share with my friends their story and to hang out with them more often.

Maybe the reason is I am lack of confidence. Maybe the reason is I am too selfish trying to keep everything in my mind, suffering in silence and ignoring others. But I think one of the biggest reasons is I am so self-centred. I just simply want to keep a firm hard shell to hide in, to appear like something not too wired as well as not too shinny to draw too much attention.

Silly me!

Starting something …

Today is a very special day, because it is the start of many things related to me.

It is the first day of the week …

It is the first day of my third year as a student …

And above all, it is the first day of my new age …

At the moment, I cannot imagine what will happen to me today. Is there anything interesting, is there anything sad or embarrassing? I don’t know for sure.

But what I keep quite clear in my mind is that: Today is another day for me to live, to enjoy and to love. No matter what will happen, I will be happy and I will keep my soul in peace.

One day more …