Too many boys, too little time … (??!!!)

Sound wired, isn’t it?

Actually it’s a motto printed in my friend’s T’shirt which strongly impressed me. Kidda funny, of course. I don’t know why this motto just popped up in my mind. Maybe it’s pretty suitable to describe my situation right now.

But it’s not about boys that I’m confused about. It’s about my plans, my ambitions. I’m just overwhelm in that loads of things. There are so many things that I need or want to do. And what worsen the situation is my shaking faith and my laziness. First of all, I think I’ve wasted so much time in the last two years. A lot of my friends have achieved something during this time. Some master another language. Some get an English certificate. Some win scholarship to study abroad. Some gain new knowledge and experience through social activities or journeys. As for me, just one word: I suck! Besides, I think I am too ambitious. I have so huge plans. I want to do too many things which are somehow out of my reach. And above all, I’m lazy. I’m terribly, indescribably, unacceptably lazy!!! 

I think I have to slow down a little bit to make the right choice and to arrange a scientific and efficient timetable. I don’t think that ambition is too bad for a person like me. Therefore, I will stick to what I’ve made up my mind not long ago.

Anyway, I still have good health, a happy family and some good friends.

And after some meditation, I think it doesn’t matter how much time you have, it’s the way you use your time that counts!

Take a deep breath girl, take a deep breath and you walk through the door!


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