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It is generally believed that some people are born with certain talents, for instance for sport or music, and others are not. However, it is sometimes claimed that any child can be taught to become a good sports person or musician.

Discuss both these points of view and give your own opinion.

Many people believe that some individuals are born with certain talents, such as for sports and music which makes them famous and successful. However, there are a few opinions claiming that these talents could be achieved with good training and hard work. Both these ideas are quite proper to some extents.

On one hand, to become a good musician or sportsman, we need a range of special physical as well as mental qualities. Those qualities are not the same with all human-being. In reality, there are only some people who are born with certain characteristics that make them extremely suitable for some types of activities. For instance, Michael Jordan was born with a special height as well as long arms which are among the contributing factors leading to his success as the greatest basketball player of all times. Besides,  Ludwig van Beethoven was also said to have special music gift which enabled him to play piano easily just at the age of 4.

On the other hand, it could not be denied that practice makes perfect. No one could excel at some fields without great efforts and hard work. Gifts are only gifts if they are not discovered and sharpened to become exquisite skills. That is the reason why not all tall and big men could become a Micheal Jordan. Moreover, without his great pains and suffers to work on the piano all his life, how could Beethoven fulfill his greatest compositions when he was deaf.

In my opinion, the combination of these above factors is of great importance;  however, passion is also an indispensable feature leading to success. Without love and strong desire, no one could overcome all the difficulties they have to struggle on the path to victory.

To sum up, it is not enough to be born with some talents. Regular practice and good training as well as great passion are strongly required to become an excellent person. That is the reason why talented children must be discovered at a very young age to be nourished and educated in a special environment.


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