Review plan

It’s the end of October. 3 weeks more to end this semester, but everything is still in a terrible mess. I’ve deactivated my facebook account to focus more on my work. I think I have to change myself immediately before it’s too late. And I’ve come up with my review plan, which gave me more energy and inspiration than ever. I believe that I’ll do it quite well.

This means I have to start studying systematically with all 11 subjects of this semester, especially some boring or complicated stuffs like corporate finance, financial risk management or environmental economics.

This means I have to focus and dedicate myself more to my plan. I decide to divide my working time every night into 2 part: part 1 lasts to 11 pm and the other starts at 3 am. I also try to take a quick nap of 1.5 hours every noon to be more active in my work.

This means I have to try to work effectively because my time is limited. Surfing internet will not be allowed during the day, only when I finish my work on the second half of the night.

This means I will be tired to dead. But that’s a reasonable price for the mess I’ve created and the valuable time I’ve wasted.

This also means I will have to blog everyday to see how far I am going with this plan!

See ya!


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