Good bye the little friend with sweet smile …

Another person has passed through my life like so many times before … They passed, and still some parts of them linger to remain in my mind as a bit of sweet memories.

I know I am such a coward to walk away, however, I have no choice. I could not plunge myself into fantasy and romance anymore. I don’t even know whether he feels the same way about me. Maybe all the beautiful scenes I have pictured for myself are totally pointless and ridiculous.

I will miss that sweet smile. I will miss those funny jokes. I will miss all the stupid yet cute chit chat. I will miss the feeling of shivering deep down my heart whenever I enter the room.

But I still have to walk away. 

I believe that you will have a very bright future and you will be happy with your life. And I also believe that I will move on to pursue my true desire.

Maybe we will meet someday. And I’m sure we will have something to laugh at and to think without saying it out loud: “Life is so sweet in every bit of it!” 

Goodbye, the boy with a sweet smile!