In a boring class

An old pencil and some pieces of paper

The classroom seems to be larger than it should

Waiting for the lecture I have to say I don’t like most

What’s a perfect start for a long day!

But I’m not afraid, I’m so sorry to say

After it’s all over, I’ll buy some icecream to eat

When you’re upset, it’s icecream that you may need

To freeze the pain so that it won’t grow!

Hey sissy

Hey sissy why are you so strange lately

Or to be honest, you remain a puzzle to me for more than one decade

I don’t think we are too different in age

So that a generation gap could get involved

Why do you always want to be alone?

Why don’t you talk about your life to us?

Am I not qualified to gain your trust?

So all you have to do is to act so cold

Honey, our mom and dad are getting old

We have to cherish our precious moments as time is running fast

Don’t you see that I’m trying so hard

“To save it from the funny trick of time!”


Some people really feel good about themselves

They behave like they are the center of the universe

They never mind that someone may get hurt

By all the cold, heartless words they say!

Oh Mandy

I don’t understand why I can’t forget you

You’re just a boy, nothing special to notice

Why half a year passed and I still miss

Your smile, your voice, the way you entered the room?

Why I still hope we will meet again soon?

Why I still wait for your phone call someday, I can’t get it?

Why can’t I quit thinking about you for one day at least?

I’m just a stupid girl who gives way for her heart to rule!

I’m writing those lines for you outside the classroom

Early in the morning, with the sunshine so glorious

Next to two girls who are chatting about something sounds really stupid

Dear Mandy, oh, I just miss you!

Dear Venus

Dear Venus


Venus is shining brightly in the sky

She is beautiful even when she doesn’t seem to care about it

And here in a small and lonely planet

I wonder if she even remembers me?


Do you remember all the stories I whispered to you secretly?

All those sad stories I tried to hide so hard

Oh how I desperately want to come back to the past

To the wonderland I forgot for such a long time


Now I don’t even know who I am

Where I’m gonna go or what I’m gonna get?

Is it a boring, lifeless life I’m gonna lead?

It’s so terrible thinking about all of this in such a day …


Is happiness something we all have to trace

In a vicious circle that brings us back to where we start?

Are good things in life will never last

And we’d better hide them deep so that they’ll never spoil?


Or maybe I have a choice

I just keep those chaotic feelings in my head

Putting all my dreams in the box hiding under my bed

And save them for someday when I get wiser


Oh Venus, you know, life would be much easier

Shining brightly in the sky and never change a bit …



I’m sorry

I’m sorry


I know I’m such a terrible person to live with

Sometimes I behave like such a fool

Sometimes I just lose all my control

And you should be terribly hurt after all of that

But you’re the one with a very kind heart

You treat me nicely no matter how bad I am

I’ve just cried when you showed me your newly bought paints

with such a sweet smile on your face

I remembered someone once said:

“You never appreciate things until they’re just gone”

And now I realize no matter how life keeps moving on

You’re still there, you never change a bit

And when I came home crying like a kid

Something was not the way I expected it to be

It’s you who exposed the best of me

Who wiped my tears and told me stories till I fell asleep

It’s the secret I’ve always tried to keep

Sometimes I just behave that badly

because I think you shouldn’t love me so much, Daddy!

I’m a terrible girl and I don’t deserve that!

– T.H-