I’m sorry

I’m sorry


I know I’m such a terrible person to live with

Sometimes I behave like such a fool

Sometimes I just lose all my control

And you should be terribly hurt after all of that

But you’re the one with a very kind heart

You treat me nicely no matter how bad I am

I’ve just cried when you showed me your newly bought paints

with such a sweet smile on your face

I remembered someone once said:

“You never appreciate things until they’re just gone”

And now I realize no matter how life keeps moving on

You’re still there, you never change a bit

And when I came home crying like a kid

Something was not the way I expected it to be

It’s you who exposed the best of me

Who wiped my tears and told me stories till I fell asleep

It’s the secret I’ve always tried to keep

Sometimes I just behave that badly

because I think you shouldn’t love me so much, Daddy!

I’m a terrible girl and I don’t deserve that!

– T.H-


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