The pains inside make me feel I exist

Maybe what we want is a perfect life

There will be no pain, no sorrow, well, nothing bad

No one will intentionally make you upset

You’re welcome everywhere, not a single thing let you down

If I were that perfect, think about how great it sounds!

I don’t have to sit here, alone with my sadness!

I don’t have to feel like there’s nowhere that I will fit!

I don’t have to write down those bitter lines to ease the pain!

All I need now is a little change

So that all my efforts would never be meaningless

I would never have a secret crush on a boy I don’t dare to meet

This morning I silently walked past him,

wishing he didn’t see my spotty jeans and my muddy bike!

But I know that someday, of course, I will shine

I’m trying hard everyday, waiting for a chance to take

I don’t care what challenges will be the next

Everything will be fine, well, it will just be fine!

I won’t cry anymore if I fail no matter how hard I try

Because the pains inside somehow make me feel that I exist …


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