Please hear my prayer!

Please hear my prayer, dear someone above

I have to make it, I have to be successful

I don’t ask you to help me take the moon!

I don’t ask you for beauty, for fame or for richness!

I just beg you to shine on my sis

To help her overcome her next great challenge!

Please give her some luck for good performance!

Please give me strength to follow her till the last!

I don’t want to take a look back on the past

Neither do I want to blame her for what was not her fault!

I am praying with all the honesty in my heart right now

Please help her, please shine on her, The Almighty above!

You could take the luck you want to grant me if you need that

I just want to spare all the best for her

For me she is always my little sister

I love her, please cover her inside my love!




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