In a winter-scent afternoon

For my love

Don’t you know that I just miss you

It’s been months since I last saw you, my love

I keep telling myself that I need to be tough

Because, well honey, I know for sure you’ll be back someday

Oh my honey why can’t you just stay

And bring happiness for me every single day, I wish

Don’t you know you just give me everything I need

Please come back soon and brighten up my day!

I really miss the stale smell of the cold wind breezing across my face

I love all the misty quiet mornings driving peacefully in the street

You and me – mumbling along all the magical songs in my playlist

And I feel just like a princess in my favorite scarf and my beloved blue jeans


Well honey, someone tells me they just hate you, and I say: “That’so mean!”

They love guys who’re warm like Summer, beautiful like Spring or act so romantic like Fall does

They just don’t know anything about you – the guy who never shows off

I’m sure they’ll change your mind if they have a friend like you, my beloved Winter!




“Tall dark and superman

He puts his paper in his briefcase and drives away

To save the world, or go to work

That’s the same thing to me …”

He’s the most perfect man I ever see

The man who eases my pains and dries my tears with care and love

The man whose hands and shoulders are so firm and tough

The man who always stands behind and says: “I’ve got your back, baby!”

The superman cannot be ill like that, daddy!

For the first time in my life I just realize something so sad

That no matter how tough the superman is, he can still get old and get sick

And he also need a soft hand and a cup of hot milk for some dark cold day!

Don’t worry daddy I am here to stay

I’ve got your back now, it’s my turn to be tough!

I hope that I am the one you can fully trust

I’m here for you, I will never let you down!

Daddy, maybe I’ve always forgot to tell you

I love you from the very first day, for today and for a thousand years ahead!

Because as a superman you are the best

And more than that, as a father, you make me the luckiest daughter!