In a winter-scent afternoon

For my love

Don’t you know that I just miss you

It’s been months since I last saw you, my love

I keep telling myself that I need to be tough

Because, well honey, I know for sure you’ll be back someday

Oh my honey why can’t you just stay

And bring happiness for me every single day, I wish

Don’t you know you just give me everything I need

Please come back soon and brighten up my day!

I really miss the stale smell of the cold wind breezing across my face

I love all the misty quiet mornings driving peacefully in the street

You and me – mumbling along all the magical songs in my playlist

And I feel just like a princess in my favorite scarf and my beloved blue jeans


Well honey, someone tells me they just hate you, and I say: “That’so mean!”

They love guys who’re warm like Summer, beautiful like Spring or act so romantic like Fall does

They just don’t know anything about you – the guy who never shows off

I’m sure they’ll change your mind if they have a friend like you, my beloved Winter!




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