Dear myself

Dear myself


Dear myself you just have to stop right here

Stupid things should never go on and on like that

It’s better to let the past be only the past

You shouldn’t trace after a dark, cold and hopeless shadow

To some extent, life is just a show

And you’re not a really good actor, don’t you know, sweetheart?

Who ever says that good things can’t last

If you could hide them in heart and frame them in mind

It’s time to kiss the lovely and charming August a sweet goodbye

And welcome the beautiful and elegant September with desire and hope

It’s officially the right time to stop

Never like before – you stop but not stare …



Enough for one heart

Enough for one heart


I’m thinking about you and cannot sleep tonight

I dream about your smile and your caring, which really melt my heart

I look in your deep brown eyes and I’m somehow lost

You’re such a sweet guy, don’t you ever know?


I’ll write the story that has never been told

About the girl who falls madly in love with a guy who is so perfect

She realizes she has some feelings over him, something even better than love

She lingers in the staircase just to see his cute smile which magically brightens up her day


And before going to bed she never forgets to pray

That the course could be longer and he would make songs from all the poems she wrote

For she dedicates to him something even better than love

Seeing his smiles and hearing his voice are enough for a simple and tiny heart like hers!



When Venus meets Mars

When Venus meets Mars


How can I tell my heart to stop beating

Stop jumping whenever I see someone walk past

Stop sinking when I figure out that some good moments between him and me can’t last

And stop hiding all the affection I dedicated for him?


How can I tell myself that he’s not made for me

And it’s enough for the game: “He loves me, he loves me not”

How can I pursuade myself that all the sweet words he ever wrote

Do not have a special meaning, but I just read it too far?


How can I accept the truth that he is from Mars

A red and glorious planet where heros and warriors ever live

While I’m a couldn’t-be-more plain girl who is from Venus

A blue and peaceful planet where shy people keep hiding their love so deep inside


I’ve tried to get over him but my heart just surrenders everytime I see his smile

When Venus meets Mars, the story should end here or does it wait for me to finish?

“Once upon a time … ” and things went on like this …



Something collected from an old notebook …

Now I just want to write something about happiness. What makes you happy? When I was little, I usually looked at the cover of a notebook, which was the picture of a very lovely girl riding a pink pony. Whenever I felt sad, whenever I was punished by my parents, whenever something squeezed my little baby heart, I found my favorite dark corner in the house, staring at the picture for hours. I don’t know how that picture eased my pains and dried my tears in such a magical way. When I grew a little older, as a 14-year-old girl, my favorite activity was reading. I loved when I lied safely in bed with my favorite pillow and my soft warm blanket and scattered all my favorite books all over the bed. It was such a comfort! I’ve never felt so happy and secured like that in my life.

It’s so ridiculous that nothing could make me feel safe these days. I still remember so clearly some nights a few weeks ago, when I lied wide awake at night, so terrified that I could hardly fall asleep. I tried to find something to bury the worry to some places deep down underneath my soul, but it was so strange that I just couldn’t …

The universe inside

The universe inside


Inside everyone there is a so deep, so cold and limitless universe

How many people do you actually understand in this whole world?

Someone who are really close to you?

Your father? I’m sure he doesn’t want me to know all his worries and sadness

Your mother? I was so suprised to hear from my aunts some sad stories in her past

Your sister? The gap gets bigger as you guys just keep growing


There are so many things deep down inside that many people afraid of showing

They hide all their pains and their sorrows to suffer in the dark

Even when they are so lonely, so cold and they need someone so much

They choose to keep silence and they will never let you know


That’s why I think we all need to slow down

When you really care about someone, don’t just see things they show in their faces

Maybe they fake a smile to hide some stories so sad

Maybe they choose to act normal even when they’re badly hurt inside

Don’t ignore a man’s sadness simply because he’s just a guy

We all need some sweet care and comfort when our days turn dark

Tears are not always the symbol of our weakness

When you love someone, lend them a firm shouder that they could cry on!


Pack up all the sad old stuffs in a dusty cartoon box

Pack up all the sad old stuffs in a dusty cartoon box


A normal Monday night in my quiet bedroom

Class off tomorrow, best friend went out for her date

All alone thinking about something and someone I hate

Well, pack up all the sad old stuffs in a dusty cartoon box, honey


Put in here all the long-time, boring, stupid, pathetic fantasy

Put in here all the bad, ugly, mean and cheap thoughts bothering everyday you live

Put in here the danm whiny, gossip, empty-headed girl you detest

Put in here all your disgust towards her fake tiara and her eye-catching show


Pack up all those sad old stuffs in a dusty cartoon box, you go

Then hide the box somewhere dark and full of spiders in your beastly messy attic

Clear your mind, and maybe someday long long from now

you would accidently run into it

Remember, Andersen once said:

“Looked at from above, how many grief of our own and of others can make us smile!”?




P.S: A quote from “A great grief” by Hans Christian Andersen

A song for me

A song for me


I’m searching for some songs

To ease my stormy soul to go to bed

But I can’t find any single song that would come right to my heart

And give me strength to refresh myself for the next hard day

Do you know any songs that could help me that way?

Any songs that describe the feelings of a girl who couldn’t understand her heart

A girl who feel so bad about herself and lose all her courage

A girl who was trapped again in the middle of the dark cold sea

A girl who can’t help thinking about somebody

When somebody absent-mindedly gave away her heart

A girl who think she’s so stupid to behave like that

But she couldn’t control herself, that’s the worst part to say


If only I could write me a song today …