The girl from yesterday

The girl from yesterday

(Dịch “Cô gái đến từ hôm qua”)

Don’t you remember our promise back then

We’ll meet again someday with our pure hearts

Let’s leave our memory sleeping in the past

And coming back home, just like two good old friends

Years and years passed, I’m not anymore a flawless young man

I’m coming back to you, just like our promise

The one that warms my heart all the time with eternal heat

The one that reminds me of you, the girl from yesterday

You told me once you believed in fate

And if our love was made in heaven you would be coming back

To me your words were wonderful soundtrack

That I played over again in my mind whenever I missed you so

But now I’m here, alone, and it’s just so cold

You never come back to me, how can I believe that?

And neither can I find any way leading back to the past

To be a young man again with his heart unscarred

All those happy days were just like shooting stars

They came once in a life time, and no more than that

Can you imagine how deep is my heart

And how long all those days I spent missing you?

Even when I’m no longer your muse

I just want you to know you’re always in my heart

Oh how desperately I want to come back to the past

To love you once more, my girl from yesterday!



P/S: A wonderful song with beautiful lyrics and magical melodies keeps lingering in my mind all morning and I couldn’t help to write it down in my own words.


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