The skylight room

The skylight room

(Inspired by The skylight room by O’Henry)

 Once upon a time there was a girl

She lived in the skylight room in a city so big

She’s lonely here and she’s not rich

She worked hard everyday to make living

She understood that life was not in pink

But she believed in fairy tales and love

So she named the star shining above

Billy Jackson – a very lovely name

Things went like that, they became best friends

Every night she got home and stood in the dark

Crying silently because life’s so hard

She felt Billy shined on her calmly and warm-heartedly

When in here there’s nothing good to see

No money to spend and no faith to keep

The steady blue Billy gave her more strength to live

Because he didn’t change, he shined just for her


Day and day passed, and life got tougher

She fell sick for working too hard

One day she got home, falling down on her bed

Her fragile body depleted of strength

She raised her arm twice but it’s in vain

For the third time, she put two thin fingers to her lips

To blow a kiss to Billy above

“Hey Billy”, she could barely whispered

“Goodbye Billy, we will never see each other

I’m dying and I know that

Thank you for always shining high above

When there’s nothing outside but darkness to see

I’m too stupid to name you Billy

You’re just a star million million miles above

And nothing could ever change that

Goodbye Billy”, she fell in the deep dark night


The neighbors couldn’t wake her no matter how hard they tried

They called an ambulance and a young doctor showed up

He ran fast to the skylight room above

And held her in his arms all the way to the hospital


The next day, on local papers there’s a news item

Informing the case of a young lady found unconscious

And finally it concluded:

“D.r Billy Jackson told us: She’ll just be fine!”





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