Well-done, sissy

Well done, sissy

I can’t believe that’s the end of it, honey

You’ve become a student now, I’m so happy to announce that

I have to say I’ve been worrying too much

What if all those days leading to disappointment and disaster?

I wish I was home now to see the joy brightens up the face of our beloved mother

I can’t wait daddy getting home to spend all the evening talking about the days ahead

You will be here, but I’m sorry I can’t share with you my bed

Just kidding, though I know you couldn’t stand my laziness, either

Oh honey let’s think about your future

You’ve proved to everybody you’re much better than they thought

You can’t believe there’re so many lessons that you’ve taught

To me, the used-to-be-the-worst sister

So your future must be promising, there’s not much wonder

Keep trying hard and keep learning from all of your mistakes

And don’t worry, I’ll be here, even when you don’t need

I’ll watch over you, and with Tư we’ll be such a great team

Three of us will pursue our great dreams

Three of us will write our name to the history, I believe

Three of us will be the best stuffs that mommy and daddy ever achieved

I’m so lucky to have such great sisters


Above all, to Thuỷ hâm, my stupid sister

I’m so proud of you, I just want to scream out loud that!




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