My family

My family

I have a wonderful, big, good family

I love them more everyday with my whole heart

I have a perfect superman dad

Who writes short stories, fixes broken things and makes the rule

I have a mother who is way too cool

She paints well and she cooks the best fried chicken I’ve ever had

I have two naughty sisters that usually drives me mad

One helps me update fashion styles and one watches Phineas and Ferb with me

I have caring warm-hearted uncles and aunties

Who stand beside me even when I get into real mess

I love their frequent dropping by for a little chit chat

I love their sharing of fruits, cakes and even fishes, shrimps

I have many cousins and I just love them

One is living with me and she makes a fuss over whenever I get sick

One lives far away but calls me often and stalks my facebook

One is so beautiful, talented and independent

One wins my mother’s heart for her excellence in the kitchen

One is a handsome tall guy who is still a little bit quite childish

I have two nephews too and they’re the cutest

One looks like a prince and one is like the coolest gangster

I have the best family ever!



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