Dear Julie

Dear Julie

Dear Julie I just don’t know how to start

We met each other when we studied at FTU

My first impression about you was your high heels

Which did not perfectly go with the childish clothes you dressed

We spent time together and things went on like this

I don’t know from which moment you became one of my best friends

We could talk with each other about topics that seem to never end

We ignore other girls’ rambling on about hairstyles and lipstick

But sometimes we fight because of something really stupid

Do you still remember the washing-dishes case?

Honestly I was so mean back to those days

Just because, well, I was envious of you, what a shame to accept

I didn’t understand why your study results were so good

Why you were also easy-going and all our classmates loved you

But the more I know you I just realize I cannot hate you

And I became a better person thanks to you, my love

I like the way you inspire me to study hard

I like the way you stop my rambling-on excuse by simple words: “I see”

I like all the wonderful ebooks you share with me

I like listening to your stories about some cool friends you met

I like your playing guitar and singing in Chinese

I admire just how organized and creative you are

I still remeber all the sweet memories of us when we worked on CIMA!

You’re such a great friend I ever have!

And don’t be upset about a boy like that

When it comes to the matter of heart, it’s not simple

Live happily and keep your enthusiasm

I believe that one day your Prince Charming will show up!



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