The universe inside

The universe inside


Inside everyone there is a so deep, so cold and limitless universe

How many people do you actually understand in this whole world?

Someone who are really close to you?

Your father? I’m sure he doesn’t want me to know all his worries and sadness

Your mother? I was so suprised to hear from my aunts some sad stories in her past

Your sister? The gap gets bigger as you guys just keep growing


There are so many things deep down inside that many people afraid of showing

They hide all their pains and their sorrows to suffer in the dark

Even when they are so lonely, so cold and they need someone so much

They choose to keep silence and they will never let you know


That’s why I think we all need to slow down

When you really care about someone, don’t just see things they show in their faces

Maybe they fake a smile to hide some stories so sad

Maybe they choose to act normal even when they’re badly hurt inside

Don’t ignore a man’s sadness simply because he’s just a guy

We all need some sweet care and comfort when our days turn dark

Tears are not always the symbol of our weakness

When you love someone, lend them a firm shouder that they could cry on!



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