When Venus meets Mars

When Venus meets Mars


How can I tell my heart to stop beating

Stop jumping whenever I see someone walk past

Stop sinking when I figure out that some good moments between him and me can’t last

And stop hiding all the affection I dedicated for him?


How can I tell myself that he’s not made for me

And it’s enough for the game: “He loves me, he loves me not”

How can I pursuade myself that all the sweet words he ever wrote

Do not have a special meaning, but I just read it too far?


How can I accept the truth that he is from Mars

A red and glorious planet where heros and warriors ever live

While I’m a couldn’t-be-more plain girl who is from Venus

A blue and peaceful planet where shy people keep hiding their love so deep inside


I’ve tried to get over him but my heart just surrenders everytime I see his smile

When Venus meets Mars, the story should end here or does it wait for me to finish?

“Once upon a time … ” and things went on like this …




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