In the autumn’s embrace

In the autumn’s embrace

Can you see the Autumn’s gentle footsteps everywhere

In the happy sunshine sparkling out your bedroom window when you wake up

In the beautiful blue moon ruling the night sky so high above

And in the green fields merrily singing with the mild and soft breeze

Can you hear the Autumn’s voices vibrating all the pretty leaves high up the trees

Let’s smile and sing along a lovely song about an elegant Hanoi

Here comes the melodies of the rain like a symphony on the roof

The giggles of the kids next door add some bright colors to the peaceful atmosphere

Can you smell the Autumn’s fragrance magically filled in the air

Take a deep breath when you walk out at dawn and silently sit in the doorstep

One of the best days ever that shows you the simple happiness you try to seek

Is no where but here, right in the autumn’s delicate embrace …




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