Bedtime story

Bedtime story

Inspired by “The candles” – Hans Christian Andersen


Father: It’s time to go to bed honey

Why don’t you close your eyes and fall asleep?

Daughter: No, why do I have to go to sleep

When I haven’t finish the game with Elise – my lovely doll?

Father: All right girl go ahead if you want

But I will save that very good story for tomorrow, I bet

Daughter: No no, daddy I just want to hear it

Don’t you worry, I’m already in bed right now

Father: That’s exactly the good girl I know

Do you see the candle over here, yes, this is the story about it!


Father tucked daughter in and the story went like this:


“Once upon a time there was a big wax candle

It was so proud of itself, just like some of us

“I was born of wax and moulded in a shape

I give better light and burn much longer

So my place should be in a chandelier”

His monologue upsets the tallow candle near that

A little pain suddenly surged in her tiny heart

But she soon tried to comfort herself:

“Though I’m only made of tallow

It’s much better than being a farthing dip

Plus everyone in this world has his own place

My place is in the kitchen, not in the living room

But kitchen is a very nice place to be”

The wax candle disagreed with that:

“Oh honey you have not lived long enough to see much

There’s something far more important than just food only

There’s a ball tonight and you all shall see

How I shine brightly in the big room, I’m so proud of that!”

A beautiful lady stepped inside and picked the two candles up

She brought them to a luxurious living room

The wax candle was placed in a silver candlestick with his family

While the tallow one was given to a little poor kid

The kind-hearted lady had just given him some potatoes and bread

She handed him the tallow candle with a sweet smile:

“Your mother always has to work late in the night

So I do hope that this little friend will help!”

The little daughter of the house was standing near that

She yelled with great delight when she heard the words: “late in the night”

The tallow candle looked at how her face just shone

“I shall never see this beautiful scene again”, she talked to herself in regret

The little boy brought her to a very small house near that

Where a poor mother raised three kids on her own

From here the tallow candle could still see how brightly all the wax candles shone

She plunged herself in even deeper sadness

But then the smallest children came and took her brother and sister round the neck

She had something so important to tell, which must be whispered:

“Tonight we will have hot potatoes, what could be happier?”

Her face shone with happiness like the girl in the rich house, the tallow candle thought

As joy was equal among the children and that was the ultimate decision of god

The whole family enjoyed the feast with hot potatoes and one apple for each children

Then the poor mother sewed late into the night while the tallow candle thought with excitement:

“What’s a delightful evening I ever have!”


Father kissed daughter goodnight and turned her favorite night light on …




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