On the balcony of love 2

On the balcony of love

(starring Romeo)


Oh Juliet, it tortures my heart to see you get hurt

I would die for you if that could lead you to a better life

I swear that I will never ever make you cry

Neither do I want tears to fill in those beautiful eyes, my Juliet


I still remember our pinkie promise

I would come saving you in the tower where the Black Witch trapped you

We will go far way, to a kingdom where no one can find

And we will live happily together, just you and I, my Juliet


I didn’t know the Black Witch figured out my plan that fast

She wants to ruin your life because she’s so envious of you

So she stopped me when I was on my way

And told me she had used her most evil curse

That the moment I touched you, you would be turned into a dove

You and I would never be together, that would be such a comfort to her


I was in despair when the White Fairy suddenly appeared

She told me to be calm, as she just knew how to solve the dark curse

She would have to bottle a true love

Once we drink that, no one can stop us to be together


She asked me to go far away to collect six components

That would be used to bottle true love

The seventh would be a symbol of the faith you keep

If you still love me when I come back, the curse would be solved


So without hesitation I was on my way

My love for you will guide me and protect me, I believe …


(To be continued …)




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