Forget me not

Forget me not

From now on I will promise myself

That my life should be back to the normal orbit

For it has revolved around you long enough

Sometimes you paint me rainbow then absent-mindedly turn it to rain

My heart is so heavy and tired with your tricky game

I’ve always looked for a peaceful corner, don’t you remember that?

Let me put your charming smiles in some secret chambers in my heart

‘Cause I’ll save them there for the coming dark cold days.


I’ll turn my diary to a brand-new page

I’ll start my day with a light, pure heart

I’ll do my things without losing focus

I won’t wear my heart on my sleeves again and no one will ever read my face …


But, my honey, no matter how pathetic I try

I can hardly relieve the fear burdened in my heart

That you’ll forget me, how could I be something you’ll miss?

We’ll never be together, but forget me not, honey!




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