A little peace

A little peace


Hushaby, close your eyes and think about something good

Something peaceful, something sweet, something cute

Something comforts your soul like Les miserables

Something subtle and elegant like all the fairy tales Andersen ever wrote

Think about someone who inspires you the most

Madam Curie, Pearl S. Buck, Pautopsky

And your favorite parts from some movies

How about the dance in Scent of a woman, sweetheart?

Play again some tunes that stubbornly stick to your head

The epilogue of Swan lake or Last kiss’s refrain

Consider three things you damn need to change

Your hair, your eyes and your romantic-beyond-repair streak


Well, whenever there’s seething cauldron inside my head

Instead of counting sheeps, I arrange my sweetest memories …

For I’m a typical dreamaholic-to-be …




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