For a nice friend I accidentally met

For a nice friend I accidently met 🙂


Well, there’s nothing to say about the first time we met

Back then I was a shy and selfish little girl

I was on my guard for the rest of the world

So we walked past each other and never mind a bit


Then luckily god gives us a second chance to meet

Half of the year seems quite long enough for me to refresh my mind

I gained a little bit courage to show the world what I used to hide

I overcame my permanent fear against strangers and new places


You’re one of a few persons who naturally make me feel safe

Honestly, I really liked you from some days in the cold and dark December

I came home and couldn’t help but wonder

How to become a person like you, how to be more open to be loved

Back to those days, I bet you didn’t even know I exist

Just like I didn’t know you’re surprisingly quite deep in soul

And though I haven’t known so much about you

I believe you’re a good friend and I’m sure many will agree with that


I hope we will have more time to share our thoughts

I hope we will be good friends even when there’s no chance to meet again

You will go your way, and I will continue with my own

But we will keep up with each other thanks to some magical things called notes 🙂


This is from Thao Ha to a special someone with so much love …




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