Sunshine and rain

Sunshine and rain


Have you ever spared a rainy day in laziness

Thinking about something which does not have meaning

Just for the heck of it, well, I’m excellent at that sort of things

So I’m sitting here, writing about all the sunny and rainy days in the past


I love the joy filling up my soul in a promising dawn of sunshine glorious

I also love the subtle sadness overwhelming me in a rainy cold dark afternoon

I love watching beautiful faces shine up in the sun

I also adore rainy nights staying at home with my favorite books

Have you ever felt yourself getting prettier in a wonderful day with blue sky above?

Have you ever felt yourself small and delicate counting your steps in the rain?


Both are heaven-made, ’cause in a fragile moment when sunshine meets the rain

I see the rainbow, and I know for sure this world is filled with awesome magic …


P.S: Don’t laugh at me if this thing sounds so stupid! 🙂




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