To a chubby bear that I’ll always love …

To a chubby bear that I’ll always love


Once upon a time there’s a wide-eyed girl in her very first day in college

She’s brand-new here and she’s so nervous as usual

She walked down the isle and dropped some sheets of papers

As she’s always pathetically clumsy when she felt nervous

A magical guy bent down and helped her to collect

He handed her the papers with the most charming and heaven-made smile

Her poor little heart stopped and she didn’t know why …


Well, that’s the cutest-ever story about the first time we met …


Dear chubby bear, today was a beautiful day that I will never forget

I have to write them all down now, ’cause I’m so afraid that they’ll slip away

Do you remember two of us in a windy and quiet hallway

Singing a song about perfect love that refused to come to both

Do you remember all the walking and talking of us?

Do you remember how we agree to live just like tomorrow we all had to die?

How we were so happy when we saw a typical-girl-in-our-class burned bright?

And how we eagerly planned to write a song that would be meaningful for both?


If you ever ask me which part of you I adore the most

Oh honey, I have a thousand cute things popping up in mind

All those sweet things that make the-real-me feel like she doesn’t have to hide

‘Cause she just sees some parts of you twinkle to resonate …


Dear chubby bear if luckily we have another life to live

You would be a prince and I would be a damsel in distress, maybe?


Just like our very first day, but a totally different story? šŸ™‚




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