Today I saw an angel …

Today I saw an angel …

– For a charming girl who’s in the same big class with me –


Today I saw an beautiful and gorgeous angel

Who was so beautiful with her long hair and her cute outfit

She’s so different from the girl around the campus that I sometimes meet

With her pony tail, her casual clothes and her sweet porcelain face


She dazzled me when she appeared and brightened up the stage

I can’t believe that she’s the plain girl to whom I ever talked

She drove the audience crazy with every single move

I stood in the hot sun looking up at her with so much joy filling up my soul


For I was so happy when someone just rang me a wake up call

And changed my viewpoint about life just naturally and simply like that

I haven’t realized that getting to know a person is such a tough task

That’s why I’m so crazily eager right now to go out there and discover!


An important remark from the amazing today that I think I should remember:

Love would change people in a way that they can never think of!

It doesn’t matter to what or to whom you would ever dedicate your love

It’s how whole-heartedly you live for your love that counts!

Many thanks to the girl who was dancing this afternoon like there’s no tomorrow

Maybe she didn’t know how brightly and amazingly she shone up

‘Cause in her passionate moves all I see is her unconditional love

What just made her an angel who magically brightened up my day …




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