Who do you think you are?

Who do you think you are?


I understand how you feel so good about yourself

And how you blind yourself with the thought you’re the center of the universe

But it doesn’t mean you can cruelly use your evil curse

To cast a dark and heavy shadow to cloud up my sky


Who do you think you are, the police of mind?

No, I am the only one who could have the right to control my thoughts

I will never ever let anyone poke their nose to judge

Especially someone whiny and gossip like you


Who do you think you are, an expert to-name-but-a-few?

Excuse me dear, but the world is totally different for anyone of us

Your I-know-everything monologues somehow proved you’re only a jerk

That definitely does not have any single stupid power to mess up my life


Who do you think you are, the one who is born-to-shine?

Wake up and smell the coffee, ’cause you’re not more special than any other creatures on earth

Take a serious look at yourself and find a way to mend your selfish heart

Why don’t you see the good side of any people or stuffs out there?


I don’t hate you, though you treated me so bad my dear

Actually I feel sorry for you and for your arrogant, stupid, vapid head

Don’t you know what you think important now is someday totally useless?

So please take my words into consideration: Who do you think you are?




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