Autumn’s chill, September’s blues

Autumn’s chill, September’s blues

The autumn’s chill and the September’s blues

Going hand in hand to worsen the seasonal bad mood

The autumn’s chill is cold enough to freeze a little delicate heart

The September’s blues is strong enough for someone sensitive to set some tears

When you feel the Autumn’s chill, September’s blues must be near

Just like September’s blues sprinkle the Autumn’s chill with its invisible footsteps


She opens her favorite book to find the last year’s special autumn yellow leaf

Which whispers to her the sad-yet-beautiful story she hides deep and secretly memorizes

The story began in a typical September night

When the autumn’s chill was subtle and everybody could hardly feel it

But the story ended with the September’s blues running so deep

That it still lingers somewhere in her heart today …


Autumn’s chill, September’s blues: two faces of one coin?




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