Cold as you, pathetic as me

Cold as you, pathetic as me


I spend sometimes trying to figure out your heart

Which still remains a huge yet attractive secret to me

I fail as usual but at least I see

There’s no place as cold as you on whole universe

You don’t care that what you say might hurt

You don’t mind my lingering in the staircase just to wait for you

You don’t know that borrowing your stuffs is only another stupid excuse

For me to catch a glimpse of your endearing sweet face


You’re a bad idea, just like all of my friends said

And they all told me: “How pathetic you are!”

I’m not good enough for you, I know that, dear Mars

And yes, there’s no one as pathetic as me on the whole universe

I help you in your relationship with another girl though I know it hurts

I pretend to tie my shoelace for fifteen minutes to see you in the staircase

I borrow some of your books even when I already have

My poor heart jumps when you say hello then drive away in a minute


Everybody says you’re so cold and I’m way too pathetic

I ignore them, ‘cause they don’t know you as much as I do

They haven’t seen how cool you’re in your basketball shoes

They haven’t known how smart you’re fixing my telescope

They haven’t listened to your playing guitar and singing “Sometimes when we touch”

They haven’t spent time doing-nothing-but-talking with you in a rainy quiet afternoon

You’re the first one who told me that we could never see the dark side of the moon

I never see your dark side either though I’ve tried so hard


This is the story about the flawless Mars and the poor little Venus

No one is as cold as him and no one is as pathetic as her

How the story ends, well, it’s still in a blur …




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