Two directions of us

Two directions of us


I’m looking for you among a sea of people

I’m waiting for you in a crowded boulevard – The boulevard of love

I’m hoping to catch a glimpse of your endearing and sweet face

My footstep is wondering – which direction should I go?


Should I take one more step closer to you?

Should I ignore all the glass walls in between to wildly follow my heart?

Should I pretend not to see any faceless phantoms in your past?

Should I wrap my love with a yellow ribbon and fearlessly send it to you?


Should I turn my back to walk away just like there’s someone new?

Hoping you will miss me when one day your life unexpectedly turns dark?

Have you ever realized

I’m the one who paints you rainbow and to you I always whisper a good luck?

If you have feeling for me, would you cast your pride aside and never let me go?


But what would happen if no matter which direction that I choose

You’ll always pick an opposite one and in the boulevard of love we’ll never meet?

I’ll see a million faces in this crowded, long and windy street

Just like you do, I still whisper a good luck to you …

Hope it’s nice where you are with the sky so blue …




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