You have never known before that paper can cut

Not until you see your fingertip bleeding

It doesn’t hurt much at first, still

The pain lasts longer than you could ever expect …


Now that I know that paper can cut

I wonder what if silk can cut as well?

Just kidding, don’t underestimate any single thing around you

‘Cause every single thing around you has a sharp end somewhere, I guess …



Don’t say no if you mean yes

Don’t say no if you mean yes


I still keep a small piece of paper from yours with a big big “No”

Honey, don’t ever say no if all you mean is yes

You are a precious thing to me and I guess you know that

But if you don’t belong there, I will never lie to myself that you really do


So don’t look down on me in mercy with your tricky “No”

‘Cause time will prove to me that all you really mean is yes

Hit me with the truth and it won’t hurt me more than it’s supposed to hurt

When hope doesn’t get involved, it would be much easier


Now when I’m getting a little bit wiser

When you’re no longer there ‘cause all you really mean is yes

I learn a precious lesson that it’s better to always be honest

It won’t hurt you more than it’s supposed to hurt: The truth!



You’re the butter to my bread

You are the butter to my bread


I have never told you all my secrets

We are so different in the way we talk and feel

You’re the butter to my bread, still

I love you naturally just like the way I breathe


I don’t remember clearly the first time we met

But I’m pretty sure I cried a lot that day

If I hadn’t been busy crying, I would probably say:

“Well, hello there, it’s so nice meeting you like this!”


We spent time together and there was a man we both fell in love with

Surprisingly we still managed to get along perfectly well

I was a lazy cat as usual, so while you worked, I played

You didn’t even complain, that’s why I love you, I guess


You know fried chicken is my favorite

I know you love flowers, especially rose

I learn with time that arguing with you is a definite no-no

Just like you figure out I drink hot milk whenever I’m upset

I love all your early morning footsteps

I love all your boring stories you just keep telling

I love your criticism over our man to clumsily hide how much you love him

I love your wearing glasses and sewing my torn clothes …


Though I have never told you all my secrets

Plus, we are so different in the way we talk and feel

Mummy, you’re the butter to my bread, still

I love you naturally just like the way I breathe …






When I was six, I thought life was in a motionless picture

Grandpa was born grandpa, with white hair and eyeglasses

Daddy was born daddy, with firm hands and wise head

Mummy was born mummy, married to daddy and picked me up somewhere

Where I was fallen from the sky just like a little drop of rain …


When I was 10, I failed to perform successfully in a magic show

The whole school laughed at me, called me crazy, stupid and lunatic

I heard a supposed-to-be-best-friend saying I was so ugly with my crooked teeth

But my daddy wiped all my tears and whispered to me before bed everyday:

“You’re the most beautiful lady in this whole world, ‘cause you’re my little girl” …


When I was 15, I thought I found the dream of my life

I spent most of my time reading and observing the sky above

The world was seen from an over-theoretical perspective

All I minded about was “How was the universe born according to Bigbang theory?”

I was so happy, pure and fearless back then …


When I was 20, I tied my whole life into a knot

I saw something sparkling and mistook it for gold

I told lies for a couple of times to hide my shaking soul

I was nice to someone then ran away when they became too nice in return

That’s a typical me, with a head full of switching and crazy thoughts …


Well, I was 21 now, and again, I tie my whole life into a knot …




I have to go home today. Today a niece of mine died before she was born. We brought her to the hometown, so that she could rest there forever, and we could come to visit her whenever we want. I can’t believe that an angel like her could go away so soon like that. Poor my brother and sister! They must be so upset … My brother is the nicest brother in the whole world that everybody could hope to have. Why is god so cruel to him like that? All he wants in his life is happiness with his family and he does everything he could to make everybody happy … It’s unfair … It’s totally unfair … This whole shit damn life!

I have to go home. I would die if I stay in Hanoi and enjoy my everyday life just like nothing has happened. No, I want to be there, with my family, share with them this torturing sadness … To show them how much I love them and how precious the moments I spend with them are!

It’s raining outside … I’m crying inside …

God bless you, my little angel!

For my niece that I haven’t met

For my niece that I haven’t met



Dear honey girl, let me hold you for a least one time

I haven’t met you to say our last goodbye like this

From far away, let me blow to you my sweet kiss

What could I sacrifice to have you here with us always?

Life is so unpredictable, it tortures my heart to say

Why a sweet girl like you has to go far away like that?

It’s not your fault, I don’t understand the decision of god

What could I sacrifice to have you here with us always?

I’ve prepared the joy when one day I could kiss your face

Hold you in my arms and figure out a cute nickname for luck

But, I cannot do anything though the cruel truth is burning my heart

My little angel, sleep tight, I know we would meet someday

Tomorrow, I hope I could kiss your face …


Dear Holland – the junk food

Dear Holland,


Dear Holland it’s officially our last goodbye

I can’t handle it anymore, I mean this whole stupid crush

You don’t spare me even a teeny tiny corner in your heart

So why do I have to spend days and nights dreaming about a jerk just like you?

Now when I stand a little bit taller to have a broader view

I realize you’re the most terrible mistake I’ve ever made

And if this whole stupid thing ever has an expiration date

Well, I think I’ve suffered so long from a serious food poison

So I’ll dump it into a trash can now without hesitation

You’re not a really nice bite for me to plunge my head deeper into blind love

You might be so smug thinking about how attractive you’re to girls

Oh man, seriously? Give me a break!

You’re the type of person that girls might like, but just to flirt with only

And by the way, don’t you know you’re a dish that is way too cheesy?

You might be delicious on the very first bite

But taste like garbage on, well, may be the third

Even when you try to top yourself with some really really good sauce

I’m sorry boy, even a hungry puppy will turn around just after a little bit sniffing

Don’t you know, Holland, boy, you stink!