Love is a burning thing …

Well, life is funny in lots of ways! Somebody loves you, you doesn’t love them. You love somebody, somebody gives away your heart. Looks just like a ridiculous trace!

I don’t know whether or not I love that guy. I’m sort of a soon-hot-soon-cold girl. I bet if he changes his mind and loves me back, I’ll soon get bored and let him down.

The only thing I know now is, well, I’m such a fool. I think about him all the time. I write poems, short stories and long notes just for him. I patiently wait for him in some corner of his life, ’cause I know exactly how it felt like, being alone in the dark with your messy head full of those burning and torturing thoughts.

But there’s one important thing I’ve always forgot, pretended to forget or tried to forget: His heart has already been occupied!

3:28 AM, 10/9/2012


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