It’s such a nice day to go to the movie theater spontaneously. Well, at first I intended to go to a hotel in Thanh Nien street, however, I lost my way. Feeling so bad about myself, I decided to go to the movie theater to drown my sorrow by some action movies, the kind of movie I love. It’s so ridiculous that I always go to the movie theater alone, and the even more weird thing is I love that. How pathetic!

I decided that I had to go to the movie theater more often, ’cause it’s such a nice place to be. If I was a New Yorker, or if I was wealthy, I would reserve a cubicle in Broadway for the whole season. How I love the theater! But, well, the movie theater is a much cheaper way to truly enjoy the seventh art. I would never waste my money on clothes or some other stupid girl stuffs anymore. Just want to spend more time enjoying the experience in some places in Hanoi and going to the movie theater more often. It teaches me so much, I mean, life. If I stay at home the whole day, if I sort of retreat into my shell and forget the world outside, I would become a fool, a pathetic fool who never knows anything, feels anything or truly experiences anything. I’m sick of not knowing any streets or any places in the small damn city named Hanoi. I’m sick of feeling so scared and so lost in some crazy streets down town. I’m sick of feeling like a big fat loser entering somewhere new, somewhere cool, somewhere to which I never feel I sort of belong. These feelings hurt me bad. So I decide to change. I should, I have to, I must … There ain’t no other way to go. And I don’t think that it’s difficult. Well, think of it as another big assignment, that’s all it takes.

And luckily I ran into a really cool stuff for today. Stolen. Starring Nicolas Cage, my favorite action movie star. Great! There’s nothing quite special or quite mind-blowing about this movie. But I still loved it. Maybe it’s because of my bad day, my terrible feelings and all the chaotic mess waiting for me to rearrange. Maybe it’s because of the movie theater’s effects. I don’t know. Though I missed the first 30-minute due to some couldn’t-be-more-stupid reasons, I still follow the plot quite well. One of the best thing I love about US less-than-2-hour movie, I guess?

I have to say that Nicolas Cage could impress audiences merely by his look. I mean, he’s super cool, he’s sort of dark and he seems dangerous inside. Comparing to him, the good-looking guy Taylor Lautner is only qualified for some sentimental stuffs just like Twilight saga. I love his eyes, deep and sad eyes, always seem to cast a shadow on the one who confronts him. Whenever I look at him, no matter how gangster he looks, no matter how many guns he brings, how much kicking-butt moves he performs, no matter how much blood staining his face or his clothes, well, I still see a good family man with the past full of sorrow, like he’s carrying a heart-breaking curse during his whole damn life. And I love him that way.

The movie is not quite thrilling, not much blood and body’s parts scattering like The expendables 2 (one of the very few movies making me cover my eyes at some scenes). With a beautiful chick, some really intelligent moves, a psycho as a bad guy, dumb-yet-funny FBI cops, father-daughter conflict, a little touch of sarcasm, happy-ending finally … it’s just another quite-familiar-and-typical action movie I’ve known so many. But on the whole, this movie is well-organized, quite entertaining and touching to some extents. So bad I nearly shed some tears at the father-daughter conflict solving part.

It’s quite strange that the character impressed me the most in the movie is the psycho. He kidnapped Will’s daughter to ask for a 10-million-dollar debt in the past. He hated Will ’cause according to him, Will ruined his most beloved thing on earth: himself. I still remembered the part when Will met another guy on that psycho’s side, that guy told Will that Will had pushed Vincent – the psycho’s name – into such a strange situation – the situation of numbness. Vincent could hardly feel anything anymore. His heart was frozen. His existence was meaningless. Oh my god, I’ve never given much thought about being numb. But I think it’s even worse than death. Think about it, you walk, you eat, you talk … but you lose the ability to respond emotionally to things, you don’t feel any joy, hope or even fear or jealousy, you have no inspirations to do something for some purposes, your heart still beats, but it’s half dead from inside … I was so scared at that moment that I had to put on a scarf to stop myself from shaking. Too bad to think that there’re some situations of that terrible, and worst of all, some of us might probably have to face it in some parts of our life due to some certain circumstances we could never predict. I’ve always looked down on cheap thoughts, glossy appearance, snobby behaviors, well, all the shiny but empty stuffs of life that some people trace after in some stupid and pathetic manners. But from today, I think being numb is the worst case that a person could fall into. The worst of the very worst …

My head is pounding right now. I think it’s time to go to bed. Tomorrow is another loaded day to live. But it’s ok. I’ll go out there and learn something new. I can’t be pathetic like that anymore. I just can’t.


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