A little woman

A little woman


This is for a little woman

Who is in her room studying German

I’ve never told her I admire her so much

And she looks beautiful even after a nightmare haircut


She brightens up my life these days, I have to say that

It’s such a great pleasure waking up with a breakfast ready

And arriving home late knowing that dinner is waiting steamy hot

Clean dishes on the cupboard and dry clothes folded neatly


You are such a great little woman to me

If some good-for-nothing jerks compare you to me and ever make you upset

Just ignore them ‘cause it’s not the precious part of you that they see

And if I’m there I’ll make them terribly sorry for what they ever said


So keep being a great little woman like this

I’ve promised daddy I’ll learn a few moves from you

And someday I may possibly play those tricks

Then some poor guys might probably think that I’m cute


Oh how I want to be a perfect little woman just like you!




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