A piece of dream

A piece of dream or A lesson from Edgar Degas



An elegant ballet dancer turned her face towards the light

And stretched her arms like an invisible wing lifting her off the stage …


So I was wandering as usual and suddenly ran into a piece of dream

It was from so long ago, but I still felt a subtle yet deeply-running sadness

A big dream had broken into million pieces

But still its fragments scattered somewhere to bring hurts back someday


I don’t think it’s just another childish game I had ever played

Nor do I think it’s kind of a costume to hide my insipid head

So sad but true: when it comes to the matter of failure and success

I don’t have enough strength to endure a string of unexpected blows


When you can’t step back, it’s the only way to head for tomorrow

A dream broken doesn’t mean a dream dying inside your heart

You can totally make a smaller one from all the remaining parts

Accept the pain as an indispensible and believe that it will go

‘Cause the beauty will remain – a story that you had been told …




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