Bedtime story 2

Bedtime story 2

A kiss goodnight to someone I love … 


It was a sunny and beautiful day with the blue sky could not be higher and the sunshine could not be more merrily sparkling. Everybody all went to the countryside to enjoy the spring to the fullest. In the spring’s embrace, they could easily feel the love in the air and an indescribable happiness overwhelming their hearts, making them all burst into songs, well, all the sweetest melodies they could ever come up with.


There was a young couple wandering along a picturesque road lined with old trees shading up a large area. Some happy sunshine still managed to run through the thick curtain of leaves to dance merrily on the ground, even on the girl’s hair, making the boy totally lose focus on the story she was telling him with a great enthusiasm. Young love in the sun, that’s such a perfect image of springtime!

“Oh look, honey! How adorable!” – the girl yelled with excitement.

Because on the brick wall outside a garden grew a climbing rose vine, and among the thick leaves and several buds was the most charming and elegant white rose in full blossom. It was probably the very first rose of the season. That made its beauty even more irresistable and more heaven-made.

The couple observed the rose with their great admiration, they were sort of stunned for a while.

“It would look perfect in my hair, don’t you think?” – the girl smiled at her sweetheart, then naturally and absent-mindedly picked the poor little rose.

“I guess that rose was made only for you!” – the boy said, kissed the girl on her forehead.

Then off they went. A little beautiful touch of spring on the brick wall was gone, too.


On the same road came a little girl. In contrast with the spring’s happiness around, she looked quite upset. But suddenly and magically, her face brightened up with a sweet smile: “Is that … ?”

‘Cause on the sidewalk, there was a bed of daisies. Beautiful, fresh and gentle daisies rose up from the ground to bathe themselves in the warm spring sunshine. “The cold winter is finally gone” – they sang – “We all wake up in the spring dawn”.

The girl kneeled down to watch the daisies a little bit closer. She touched them gently with her small and soft fingers, then whispered to them: “Welcome back my friends!” Last year, on the same beautiful morning like this, she and her mother went out for a walk, and they also met such a pretty bed of daisies. Her mother told her how she loved daisy for their special beauty – simple yet so elegant. She remembered when she insisted to bring them all home, her mother smiled: “Don’t be selfish like that honey. They look really good out there, on the sunshine, in the spring air. I know they are so pretty, but think about it, if you pick them up and bring them home, a small beautiful corner of spring will be missing. We should leave them here to dazzle some other passengers like us, right?”

“But mother hasn’t seen you for a while, she must be missing you guys so much. I’ll bring a small bouquet to her, just a teeny tiny one, I promise.” – the little girl whispered.

Then, carefully and gently, she picked some small flowers as if she didn’t want to hurt them. She tried to make the bed of flowers seem unchanged, so that no one would know some flowers were missing.

Holding the small bouquet in her little arms, she went to the cemetery, where her mother rested: “Mommy, I bring you daisy, the flower you love!”




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