Break, burn, end

Break, burn, end


I feel something break in me

And though it’s not quite clear to see

Well, who ever said “Good things can last!”

Who ever shrugged her shoulder: “Let the past be only the past!”


It’s life the most tricky and stupid journey

Something crazy that costs us time of our life then leads us back to where we start

Something empty but blinds us though we feel something wrong with our heart

Something simple but pretends to be complicated to scare us for fun


I feel something burning in me

A fear? A doubt? I don’t get it

Maybe it’s another type of fee

I have to pay to go through my youth


I feel something ending in me

Something overvalued and overcherished

But well, I’ve already known how the story ended

It breaks, it burns, it ends, then there’s nothing left to say …




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