Connecting the dots

Connecting the dots


Hey dummy guy I don’t think you’re as smart as a 3-year-old kid

When you can’t even connect the dots I scattered right in front of your nose

If you pay a little bit attention, you just have to know

That I have a feeling for you, ok, I have a big crush on you, does this sound stupid?

Look at you, oh my god, how can I even like you to be honest?

How can other girls I know all have a certain crush on you?

I can only describe you by an easy and vague word, well, “cute”

What have we seen from you really, for god sake?

You always wear some sort of casual clothes that I quite detest

You have a ridiculous head of hair that reminds me of a pirate or a robber in fairy tales

You have a kind of a weird riddles when you speak, don’t you know?

Your hand looks so ugly with your long clumsy fingers, I have to say that

You don’t sing well though my friend insist that you really did

Your English is pretty ok, but not impressive, at least to me

You are joking around all the time and it’s quite childish and crazy

I blushed or broke into laughter everytime I read your old stupid notes

You’re not really a gentleman, that’s one more bad trait

Don’t you remember the afternoon when you sat behind me and just let me drive?

It’s not the way a gentleman should treat a pretty girl!

I can’t believe that you could even have a girlfriend right after you entered college!

But I still like you, what’s wrong with my stupid head?

I like your eyes, your smile and your positive attitude

I like how caring you are to all of your friends

I like the way you inspire people to shine and to cheer up

I like how you devote your time to run our club

I like the way you enjoying life to every smallest moment

I like the way you going crazy for an unclear reason

Then you started to write poems about how you made your greasy breakfast

I like the secrets I haven’t known from your past

I like the way you comment on the facebook of your girl

I like the way you argue with the annoying woman who safeguards our bikes

I like the way you speak out loud in front of the class

I like you, the guy who never seems to be upset

I like you, the guy who graduated from a university so famous with gay

I like you, the guy who called his parents by their first names

I like you, the guy who brought beautiful balloons to the class

You’re Mr. Fredrickson, I have to say that

No, no, I actually want to meet you when you were only a 6-year-old little Carl

Then I would be little Ellie and we might see each other on a sunny afternoon

You would have a blue balloon and I would wear ridiculous goggles, how cute is that?


But you’re such a dummy guy, and you don’t have any ideas about connecting the dots

So absent-mindedly you keep moving on and giving my heart away …




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