Crispy outside and creamy inside

Crispy outside and creamy inside

(In International marketing class :”>)


Bear cookie whispers her secrets to me

And smiles her witty smile teasing me about my summer crush

I spare her a cozy and lovely corner in my heart

For her bear-cookie-like nature: crispy outside and creamy inside


She’s so crispy with her bursting energy and her colorful mind

She cheers everyone up by telling them her funny cute jokes

My little sissy fell in love with her right at the first time they met

I silently step back sometimes just to proudly watch her shine


But it’s her creamy part that I really really like

Deep down inside, she’s so caring, endearing and sweet

She listens to all my dumb stories and she keeps my little secrets

She picks a longer way back home just to have more time to talk with me


In her I’ve found so many similarities

That’s why we’re about to make a long not-to-do list

“Avoid sitting together in important classes”

“Never show to each other your favorite boyfriend” …


I sealed my poem with a sweet kiss and to her I sent … 🙂




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