Dear you, a very sweet guy

Dear you, a very sweet guy


Dear sweet guy, I’m really happy to read your mail

I have to say I look a thousand times more beautiful in your drawings, and I love that

But then my heart just sinks and there comes a moment of sudden darkness

I’m bad at painting, how can I draw something nice and send it back to you?


So to make it simple, I will doodle a little rainbow

And throw a wish in the air that it will brighten up your days ahead

That you will find some good-at-painting queen who will reign your heart

Not some messing-up-with-crayons girl like me, I’m more suitable for a nursery room


Or I will draw you a happily smiling moon

You can stick it on your refrigerator, and no more than that

I don’t deserve a sophisticated gallery in your heart

So save it for someone special who will definitely show up someday


I understand how tricky the jigsaw game that for a long time you have already played

I have mine too, and there’s even a very sad story behind it

I’ve learned that even when you find a very suitable one among millions of other pieces

Don’t ever forget that this one could fit somewhere else, it’s so sad but true


I’ll consider it a sweet little secret between me and you

I promise that I will hide it somewhere nice deep down inside my heart

And we’ll continue our journey to find our missing mysterious parts

If you really “hate” me, you’ll understand, I guess, sweet guy?




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