Don’t blame me that I’m way too greedy

When I told you: “I just want to own you, every single part!”

When I asked you for a thousand times: “What’s in your head?”

Or when I looked into your deep brown eyes and became quiet suddenly

‘Cause the more I know about you the more I think you’re a big mystery

The closer I get next to you, the farther we’re when it comes to the matter of thoughts

The tighter I’m trying to hold you in my arms, the more lonely I feel in my heart

The more you say “I love you”, the more insecure I feel and it’s just so cold


If only you were a simple fill-in-the-blank quiz that I love to solve

If only you were the charm I wear permanently around my wrist

If only you were a movie that I could play again whichever part I like the most

If only you were my favorite corner I’m familiar with for years


But you’re such a difficult quiz to my greatest fear

You can’t be with me all the time just like the charm around my wrist

You are a movie that I couldn’t figure out the end of it

And not like my familiar favorite corner, you’re strange and so full of surprise


That’s why I love you just like I’m totally out of my mind

And become so greedy, it’s all your fault, sweetheart!

So don’t complain just like I’m the only one who’s responsible for this

I’ll stop being greedy only when I’m not anymore in love with you!




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