Letter to Scarlett

Letter to Scarlett


Dear Scarlett,

I’m totally upset

Or to be honest, I’m scare to death right now

I plunge my face into the pillow and shout

I slam on my guitar to annoy the neighbors who are peacefully in bed

I write down some evil curses and plan to stick them on the forehead of people I hate

But after all, I have to say I’m mainly mad at myself

I really deserve a cubicle in hell

Where I serve as a devil in charge of messing things up

How could I be just like you, living like an one-way street?

Focusing on important things and acting on my own benefit only

How could I have a fearless heart always full of energy?

How could I care only about money and social status?

And forget all about dreaming, poetry and music

How could I be simple, realistic and wise?

I’m a big fat loser, I just can’t deny

Should I continue leading a life like that?

Or should I change to be someone like you, Scarlett?

So life would be easier and fall nicely in consistency …


Oh how I wish to be totally free

Throw away responsiblities and give conscience a very long day off

Then I’ll go far away and crazily follow my heart

I’ll do things that rational people will, without a second thought, say no


A sunny and windy day, on the road, I go …




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