Optimistic by nature

Optimistic by nature


I’m a pathetic girl who is optimistic by nature

I see lights in even the darkest

I can’t believe right after a stormy and tearful night like this

I wake up in the sunlight feeling absolutely fine

Thanks to a glass of red wine last night

Thanks to something in my genes, I guess

Thanks to my warm, soft and peaceful bed

Thanks to someone high above who always guides and protects my soul


Life is still worth living after all

When you have someone to care about and to love

When you have something precious somewhere in your soul called hope

When you believe in yourself and in all the magics of life

When you’re still willing to be honest and kind

When the sun still shines, and the dawn’s till so mild and fresh

Even when you have something or someone terrible to hate

And some serious problems that need a lot of hard work and time


Dear ‘ponine life is not life after all

If we only require happiness and joy in it

It’s not always nice to be too sweet

So go out of your control sometimes and mess up your life

Scream out loud and act crazy just like tomorrow you had to die

Love and hate to the most extreme, who cares it could harm your heart

I know only one thing for sure that I’ve loved my life so much

So I’ll still be optimistic by nature as long as I can still feel my heart beating …


Hey basterd, too bad, I’m doing really well …

*chin up and grin*




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