Shiny but empty

Shiny but empty


There are several shiny but empty stuffs

You trace after them ‘cause you think they’re as precious as gold

But once you hold them in your hands and look at them close

Your heart just sinks knowing they’re totally empty and useless


The real diamond is not as shiny as the fake one, try to memorize that

Keep your eyes open and follow the true call underneath your soul

For shiny stuffs always outnumber the precious one

So don’t follow the crowd to be fooled, sweetheart


It’s the permanent value that with time will last

The temperary value will wear off day after day

All the shiny coats will soon be replaced

So dedicate your time to improve something running deep


I’ve just thrown some shiny but empty things away to clean out my list

Then chin up just like Scarlett O’Hara and repeat what she loved to say:

“Atfer all, tomorrow is another day!”




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