Sorry dear

Sorry dear


Sorry dear I’m such a stupid little girl

I have a crush on you, even when you belong to someone so good

I cover my eyes all the time to ignore the truth

I bothered you with my rambling stories and my crazy talks, didn’t I?


From now on I’ll try my best to close my mind

And tell my heart not to whisper to you any honey-sweet words

I won’t send messages to you anymore, neither will I ask about the song you wrote

I’ll pursuade myself the parts I haven’t known about you are the worst parts after all


I’ll try to find the happiness of being alone

I’ll keep in my mind any sweet memories we ever have in the past

I’ll try to be a good friend that you can fully trust

I’ll keep up with your “daughters” just to check if you’re fine


Without you, tomorrow the sun will still shine

It’s not the end of the world even when you give away my love

Please let me just keep a little piece of a blind hope

That if it’s written on the stars, you’ll be back someday!

And if that day comes, I’ll always be here to stay …




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