The fear inside the in utter bliss

The fear inside the utter bliss


Thank someone high above to give me another best day of my life

With the blue sky so high and the autumn sunshine could not be more gentle than that

With a beautiful song kept overwhelming my over-reacting poor heart

Another day in the sun with my forever-beloved family …


How could life be better than that for me?

Happy daddy and mummy, aunts and uncles, bros and sis

Talking merrily, cooking, then playing some funny games in the past

Don’t you know I’ve had my very best day on earth with you?


But even in the most wonderful moment a cold fear suddenly crept in me

Making me shaking inside and turning my blue sky into pale dark

That sunny and happy days would be too little too short

Cruel times and unpredicted incidents would tear us apart someday

How could I freeze the time, hold it in my arms and embrace it really tight?

How could I make a magical spell to remain a child for good?

How could I trade my soul for a total protect to my beloved?

So that everyday would be someday as good as today …


Someone told me that happiness was only precious when we had to trace

Too much would be too little for a tricky human’s heart

Only when we lost something would we understand how much it meant to us

The puzzle of life didn’t become clear until you were enjoying your very last few days …


Until now I haven’t had any single idea about this tricky life

So I’m only a silly coward to desperately want to live in the past

Hey bros and sis, it’s not what our parents always teach us!

They have created happiness for us today and from now on it’s our turn!

So go out there bravely and make some of our own

Cast your fear aside and fight like our parents did!

No matter how tough life could turn out to be for anyone of us

Think about some happy days just like today and let happiness warm your shaking soul …


10 years from now …

A yard full of sunshine and laughters …

Warm and happy dinner …

Once together, forever together …

Pinkie promise?


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