The story of Water

The story of Water


There was a time when Water was so mad at herself

She thought she was too weak, too fragile and too delicate

She dreamt of travelling around the world and doing things she never did

But in reality she could barely take care of herself

She was born in a huge lake high up the mount

Where the atmosphere was mild and time passed by gently with its invisible footsteps

She lay day after day refecting the blue sky so high above

There seemed to be nothing that could break the eternal peace of her loving home


But everyday a big question kept shaking up her soul

What if she could never fufill her dream that had long been cherished?

She knew for sure heros and warriors would never be that weak

She blamed her fate for being born a fragile and useless Water


Not until the day she met the Great Earth Father

Who created every living thing in this blue planet

She told him all her fear, her dream and her hope

The Earth Father smiled on her and comforted her soul:

“Oh my honey you just haven’t discovered all of your strength

Courage and power don’t just lie on physical aspects

You’re the most precious thing I’ve ever made

‘Cause you’re a perfect combination of beauty and power, don’t you ever know?

Water is still, gentle and peaceful when she is busy with the thoughts of her own

But it is this still, gentle and peaceful water that even cuts rocks

And when she is blocked on her way or when she flows down over the mountain’s edge

You could hardly imagine the potential strength hiding deep down underneath your soul

You’re destined to be great, I think you should know!”


From then on, Water is so confident with her great strength underneath

But she is so mysterious with a peaceful expression on her surface, still …




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