Where was I when you could possibly be mine?

Where was I when you could possibly mine?


I love secretly tracking down all of your old notes

And read them carefully from head to toe

It’s you, the mysterous guy I would love to know

So I do everything to get closer to you, how dumb is that?

I try to see a little bit deeper into your past

I try to figure out what’s your real mood behind your faking smiles

You used bad words sometimes but I think “It’s ok!”

When I like you, I like even your dark side and your bad traits


But there’s something I love to do the most

It’s closing my eyes and questioning myself:

“When he wrote this, where possibly on earth was I?”

4 years ago, do you think it’s such a long time?

What if 4 years ago I met you somewhere in this city – so small and so big?

What if we shared something sweet and romantic?

What if we went out sometimes, listening to music and singing?

What if we spent some peaceful sunny day on a quiet park bench

I read “The vanity fair” and you lay beside me enjoying “On the road”?

What if we had a whole 4-year time together to talk?

I would make you sick of my never-ending and stupid stories

We would share our feelings about our wonderful days, both sunny and rainy

We would laugh crazily about the indescribable beauty of two losers’ laziness

What if you took me to all the streets you fall in love with?

I promised you I would keep silent and just enjoy the sweet fresh air

What if I knew you from the day you wore such a ridiculous head of hair?

When no girls dared to fall in love with you and I would take this chance without a second thought


You know, there is always a lingering question inside my head:

“Where on earth was I when you could possibly be mine?”




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